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Portable X-Ray Units

Panoramic Ceramic X-ray Units

The CMENDT Portable X-ray Unit is an ideal solution for different NDT applications and field inspections. It delivers highly reliable performance, light weight, compact size and cost effective.


Portable Panoramic X-ray Units can be used in NDT of welding line of pipe with small diameter. Connected with carrying wheel or pipeline creeping device, the portable panoramic X-ray flaw detector can be put into pipeline easily. The controller of it also can be put into the pipeline with the generator together. You can finish the testing of one round welding line in one exposure.

LIGHT series which is more light-weighted and with longer life time.

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    Various cost effective customize x-ray inspection system are available

    • Boiler Welds Pipe Inspection System
    • Abnormity Work Piece Inspection System
    • X-Ray Real Time Inspection System
    • Auto Mobile Wheels Hub X-Ray Inspection
    • X-Ray Imaging System
    • Micro-Focus X-Ray Inspection
    • Food Inspection System
    • Pipeline Crawler System




    Quality Certificates of CME NDT Portable X-Ray Unit


    Certificate of CE

    Certificate of Safety testing and compliance

    Licence of Irradiating Apparatus
    (Export & Selling in Hong Kong)