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Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors


The Multi-channeled Ultrasonic Flaw Detecting Chip Board is a highly advanced and extremely adaptable computer based multi-channel ultrasonic flaw detecting chip board for industrial evaluation productivity. Each chip board bears 4 channel and practically designed for operational flexibility which features upgradable configuration of multiple channels. It features Windows Series and could be further developed according to different applications.

CME offers carefully designed proprietary Software application and complete detection technology system with customized features to best suit the application level, testing environment and user preference.


Order Code: CME88M03

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    Waveforms from different channels can be displayed simultaneously and the waveform from the main channel is displayed in larger scale. Others are displayed in small sketch image.


    Each board bears 4 transmission channels and could be switched to reception. 8, 12 and even 16 channels could be explored as more boards are added. The transmission sequence of the boards could be synchronized and randomly arranged. And transmission interval could be defined as desired.


    Each channel has a tracing gate (G gate) & two alarming gates (A & B).


    It can record, store or replay the dynamic or static waveforms, generate the detection report and send its printed copy.


    The scanned data in each frame contain the position information, which help form a fine ultrasonic imaging system.


    It offers two rotative encoder ports, and other ports for the information input and output of proximity switch, sprayer and alarming. Besides, it spares another 10 ports for other extended actions.


    Capable of further database software upgrade - the chip can further be develop by VC++, C++ Builder, VB.


    User can achieve network management by connecting it to computers through Ethernet or other network devices.