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Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

CTS-1008 Plus

The CTS-1008 plus is portable ultrasonic flaw detector that successfully combines the advanced performance of normal pulse echo (PE) testing and TOFD ( Time of Flight Diffraction) imaging testing technology.

It can be connected with various kinds of scanning devices and support B,C,D, imaging modes. With only 1.4 kg in weight, the CTS-1008 plus is extremely portable and completely meets the requirements for mobile testing and working on any testing environment.

Order Code: CME88F01

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    Support TOFD recheck after normal PE testing, accurately measure the size and profile of defects, evaluate the characteristics and direction of defects

    Sampling frequency up to 640MHz, 0.1mm measurement resolution, minimum display range is 2mm

    Support PE rechecks after TOFD imaging

    Frequency 0.5 ~ 20MHz, sensitivity up to 62dB, low frequency provides better signal-to-noise ratio

    Bright, excellent resolution color TFT LCD

    High performance square wave pulser with tuning option allows the operator to optimize transducer performance. This maximizes signal-to-noise ratio and penetration in materials such as highly-attenuated objects or thin work-pieces


    Small-sized, lightweight Li-battery with more than 6-hour battery life

    LAN interface for data transfer and remote control

    Two-dimensional incremental encoder interface achieve accurate position-detecting imaging (B-scan, C-scan, D-scan)


    Synchronous analogue RF waveform output with 50-Ohm impedance for a good signal source of data collection and transducer test

    High-speed USB interface allows data storage on USB drive and PC communication.

    Multi-functional software to meet all inspection needs. Unique keypad organization and rotary knob operation make the inspection much easier.


    Detect the transducer frequency and automatically pulse tuned to optimize transducer performance


    Functions of thickness alarm, continuous storage of waveform and various measurement modes of waveforms

    Automatic instrument calibration and peak value search
    Built-in API 5UE and AWS D1.1