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Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors


Available in 1st Quarter of 2013

The CTS-1010 digital ultrasonic flaw detector is equipped with advanced square wave excitation technique and complied with EN 12668:2000.  It is engineered for stable performance, lightweight and portable.

It features a transflective TFT display with full WVGA (640x480) resolution providing superior visibility in low or bright lighting conditions.

Its long 7-hour battery life and 1.5kg lightweight that it can be easily carried and used in field of petrifaction, pressure vessel, electricity power and railway transportation.


Order Code: CME88D09

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    Advanced circuit design with 640MHz sampling frequency to ensure quick and accurate display and analysis on defect signals even when the signals are weak


    Using the advanced tunable square wave excitation technology, it provides excellent penetration and high signal-to-noise ratio when detecting special composite materials, highly-attenuated or thick work-pieces


    High resolution in detection of thin workpieces and composite materials when using adjustable function with pulse width, drive voltage and damping resistance


    FIR digital filtering technique for enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio


    The design comply with EN 12668:2000 standard


    Auto-calibration function including fast calibrating material velocity, probe delay and probe angle